Podcasting Tips

Podcasting is a little known, but extremely effective way to advertise and to create a huge following. Very few people are actually utilizing this form of advertising. It can really help with building your list as well because people are able to subscribe to your podcast from many different resources such as iTunes. They can take their iPod with them anywhere they go such as on a walk, driving, shopping and so on. Anywhere they go, you can go with them! It’s also cost effective.

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of doing this form of advertising mainly because of the technical aspects of setting up a podcast and what to talk about. Actually it is a lot easier and more affordable than one might think. When I first learned about this form of advertising, I was actually surprised at how simple it really can be. If we can get past the initial intimidation factor and get started, it actually only takes about about 20 or so minutes per week, so it’s also time effective.

Here are some tips on how to get started…

Follow These Steps

1. You need a microphone.
2. You need an audio recording program. Audacity is an excellent free program that you can use.
You can look it up on Google and download it for free.
3. You need a hosting account for your podcast. Just go to podomatic and they will host your podcasting account and actually give you a blog for your podcasting.

Happy podcasting!