Pixel Advertising A New Internet Media For Advertising

Many of you may never have heard the term “pixel advertising” before Alex Tew, a young entrepreneur from UK came up with this idea to pay for his university fees. He came up with the idea to create a milliondollarhomepage.com and the idea paid off for Alex.
What is Pixel Advertising?
Simply put, it is a way to get your company’s logo or an image on another website. This logo will remain on that website for a minimum of 5 years. Graphic banner advertising is nothing new to the internet but this pixel advertising is slightly new. On a traditional banner with a dimension of 468 pixels by 60 pixels, you will have about 276 blocks. Each block is made of 100 pixels. Through pixel advertising, in that space you can advertise for 276 websites given that each website only purchased 1 block from you.
Is pixel advertising going to work?
Yes and No! MillionDollarHomepage is doing well because it is the first to come up with an idea that is unique to the internet. Media picked up on it and many stories have been written about the page, sending massive amount of traffic to that particular site. So that site was successful. However, once it leaves the spotlight from the media, there are no reasons for visitors to go back to that site. So it is very early for someone to predict if the investment made by advertisers to purchase space on such site is worth it.
However, there are many perks to purchase a piece of someone other website to place your logo on it. Looking at it from a search engine optimization strategy, once you have many links coming to your site from other sites, search engines rank you high. They value your site as a high demand site. So buying few blocks on sites that may be active for another five years would be a great idea to boost traffic to your site through search engines. You may want to consider doing some research before purchasing pixels on any pixel advertising sites.
Here are few tips for purchasing pixel advertising:
1. Look for the terms and conditions to make sure they will be up and running for at least another five years.
2. Many of these sites are new so there won’t be much history on them. However, you may consider doing some Google search or Alexa search to see if others are talking about them.
3. See if these sites provide additional services so they will last longer than 5 years and it will also drive traffic to their sites. It turn that will drive traffic to your site. Example of this is http://www.itsteens.com. They’ve twisted the idea to create a pixel block on their existing homepage.
4. Go to a pixel search engine like http://www.dotsmedia.com to search for other pixel sites. Find a good bargain and get a link to your site.
5. Buy few blocks to start off with and see if that helps your site.
With the year of 2005 turning into 2006, many are putting their thoughts into internet marketing and how one can bring customers to their site. This is just one of many ideas to come and we all shall wait and see how far they each go.