Open Source Proxy Server – Picking the Best Open Source Proxy

Setting up an open source proxy server isn’t the only solution to setting up a proxy but it is definitely the best.  The problem is, however, that there are many different kinds of open source proxy software providers on the net.  Are you aware of the differences between them and what you should be looking for in features if you want to setup your own proxy?

The first and perhaps the most important thing that any proxy server software must be able to do is provide anonymity.  People using a proxy want to do so to remain anonymous online.  Some proxy servers are not anonymous and are instead transparent.  While you can use these proxies to surf the internet, anyone who examines your connection to their website can see your IP and not the IP of the proxy you are using.  Make sure that your open source software provides 100% anonymity.

The second most important feature for any open source software is that of the ability to cloak.  Some proxy servers may provide anonymity to anyone using it, but they can not cloak themselves.  This means that your connection from a proxy server can be detected as one coming from a proxy.  True proxies never reveal themselves as a proxy and instead are able to cloak themselves.  The best proxy software is able to offer this cloaking feature.

Make sure you setup an open source proxy server that is truly anonymous and is able to cloak or hide its identity as a proxy server.  Such features like this are found only in the best proxies, such as elite proxies.