Online Marketing

We’ve all seen those web pages claiming to “reveal the secrets” that claim you can make 4, 5, or even 6 figures online each month. And on top of that you’ll be doing it in a matter of days. Right? Well I’ll tell you, there may be methods that might help you in that direction, but there is no one secret anyone can reveal on how you can earn anywhere close to that in the time frame indicated.
Sure, there are many techniques and even software products that will help you to achieve those goals, but there is no one individual method or program that can honestly live up to those kinds of claims. How can I make these statements? Well I’ve tried many of them and while I learned a lot about internet marketing from these products and services, it wasn’t until I realized that there was no magic button that I decided to get serious and basically get an overall education about what it really takes to get into this fascinating business.
I’ve heard so many other individuals say the same thing. Basically, that all of these sites will give you pieces of the puzzle. If you cludge your way through all of these pieces of the puzzle you will get some idea of the big picture, but to actually get to where the “rubber meets the road”, I strongly advise you look at the big picture first.
Forums are a great way to find a ton of content on this subject and for some advanced marketers there are specific threads that are no doubt invaluable, but for the newcomer forums can still be confusion – you must know about information overload.
I said before that what’s needed for the newcomer is an overall education about the process involved in setting up an online marketing business. That should be very obvious to many, but the enticing claims made by many websites keep catching your attention and drawing you into a site that yet again gives you only another piece of the puzzle.
Here is the best advice that I can give a newcomer to this business. Look for a site that basically offers a course on the subject. You’ll likely need to pay a monthly membership fee, because a newcomer simply can’t absorb all that is required to understand this business in a short period of time. Some sites do offer these courses for one-time fees in the 4 figure range, but I would caution newcomers before spending those larger amounts.
First look around at a number of these sites. Good ones will give you a lot of information free before you commit. You can then evaluate the “teacher” to determine if you feel comfortable with the content and methods of his or her course. There are many excellent teaching sites out there, but do your homework in advance and don’t get sidetracked by wild claims of “yet another” method that will be putting 5 figures in your bank account by month-end. With every endeavor knowledge must come before success.