NEAR Foundation Launches NEAR Horizon

Though there have been recent signs of crypto winter thawing, developers have continued to make the most of the current builder’s market. NEAR, in particular, has seen significant growth in new projects and increased adoption over the past year.

NEAR’s expansion is due in part to some significant upgrades and announcements from its core team. Most recently, NEAR announced its transition to a Blockchain Operating System (BOS), an industry first that further establishes NEAR as the direct entry point into Web3. With the BOS, NEAR is no longer just a Layer 1 — it’s the OS for an open web, free from the centralized platforms of Web2.

During the announcement, NEAR co-founder Illia Polosukhin signaled that the transition to a BOS was just the beginning of what’s to come for NEAR. With Consensus in swing, and NEAR’s presence at the conference, many Web3 enthusiasts and NEAR community members anticipate more exciting announcements and were not disappointed.

At Consensus, the NEAR Foundation announced NEAR Horizon, an accelerator revolutionizing how founders are supported in Web3. Made possible through partnerships with Dragonfly, Pantera, Fabric Ventures, Decasonic, Hashed, and others, NEAR Horizon will enable founding teams to scale their projects with a wide range of support. This support will, in turn, enable the rapid growth of great products with real-world value in the NEAR ecosystem.

A revolutionary accelerator for Web3 startups

NEAR Horizon is an exciting opportunity for founder teams looking to build their startups on the BOS. Startups can interact with NEAR Horizon through a double sided marketplace application that connects founders to each other, and to the people and organizations who are best able to accelerate their growth.

At launch, the marketplace will include over 15 service providers, 40 mentors and over 300 backers. Founders in the NEAR ecosystem will have direct self-service access to NEAR Horizon, allowing them to make the connections and generate the resources that will help them succeed. In addition to these immediate resources, founders can apply for credits that cover service costs in critical development areas including marketing, legal, back-office finance, product and infrastructure.

For founders looking for additional support and guidance throughout their Horizon journey, the platform will also be equipped with programs facilitated through a NEAR Foundation partner, providing mentorship, business resources, and a direct line to startup capital. These programs are available through a wide range of industry leading groups including Antler, Brinc, FabricX, CV Labs, Blockchain Founders Group, among others. Regardless of the path founders choose to take, NEAR Horizon will provide them with the support they need when they need it most to accelerate the growth of their Web3 projects built on the NEAR Protocol.

As crypto winter’s thawing hopefully promises the arrival of a crypto spring, NEAR is continuing to build momentum with both founders and investors in the Web3 community. With higher transaction speeds than Ethereum, a strong commitment to its ecosystem, and an industry-first blockchain operating system, NEAR has created a direct path toward success for founders.

Interested in getting involved? Over the next couple of months, the NEAR Foundation will be onboarding projects and founders to NEAR Horizon. If you don’t want to miss the introductions, advice, capital or hires that come from the marketplace, reach out and get involved today: