Music Fashion – Blending Art

Those who aren’t into following fashion trends and wearing the latest styles can’t really understand what it’s like to watch the fluid way fashion will change as it descends down from the couture runways and into the stores and closets of regular people. While some designers claim that they take their inspiration from a certain culture, types of fabrics or from pieces of art, the truth is that most of the fashion that is popular today is taken right from the venues and stages of the music scene. Rockers and singers have always been interested in the latest fashions, and their choices are what help to form the genre of music fashion.

If you’ve never heard of music fashion before, you should know that it doesn’t necessarily mean copying the fashions of those that create the music, although in some cases this can be true. The more popular definition of music fashion can be seen in the cross over between musicians and fashion designers. Many musicians consider themselves artists in general, and many are creative in other ways that don’t involve a microphone or an instrument. If a musician is looking for a new outlet for their creative juices, then they often turn to fashion.

Once a musician achieves a particular status of popularity, they might start to notice that the styles they wear up on stage are slowly making another appearance, on the streets and in the clubs. They might decide that people are hip to the styles that they like to wear and want more, so they will often begin to design and release their own clothes. This type of fashion is more commercialized, and can be seen in the crossover moves that were made by many rappers and hip hop artists.

Another type of music fashion is a little more organic and a little rawer, as it is simply the fashions that are worn by the people that love and live a certain style of music. Heavy metal music was one of the first to inspire music fashion, with its leather, silver and over the top biker-rocker looks.

Big hair and tattoos could also be considered a type of fashion that is associated with heavy metal music. Emo music, known for its depressing lyrics and whiny sound is another genre of music that has inspired music fashion. Emo music fashion is usually characterized by tight pants, long bangs and dark eye makeup.