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This proposal will address all aspects of the plan that will be implemented to address the actions to be taken to assist the victims of the May 2010 earthquake.

The project is designed to establish a model that can be transplanted throughout the region. This model will develop farmer cooperatives that will allow each farmer to effectively develop the potential of his farm.

Some of the obstacles facing the farmers in this region are a lack of skills and insufficient capital. This project will provide farmers with training, both technical and non-technical, and the capital disbursement needed for the development of a better livelihood.

The project will also help to develop a stronger group dynamic between the farmers. This will provide them with a better bargaining position and long term will have a positive impact on their livelihood.

The project will utilize and maximize local resources. This should allow the farmers to increase their income and provide the resources that will help them deal with any future disasters.

The text above is a sample of the type of content that could be used in constructing a proposal to secure government sponsorship for your project.

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