Mac Billing Software

The legal professionals of today have to deal with the complexity of time tracking and billing, which in most cases leads to disappointment and frustration. The important question here is how the time tracking and billing processes can be automated? There are several software companies who have come out with user friendly automated software to meet the growing demands of legal professionals. They have introduced the Mac billing software, which can handle any billing task that was so far being handled manually.

The salient aspect of the Mac billing software is that using it, legal professionals can track their assignments that have already been completed or are on the verge of completion. The time and billing software is popular because it offers accuracy in billing, efficiency, as well as reliability. The software are being developed specifically for small to medium sized law firms so that they can suffice the billing requirements of legal professionals. Some of the reasons for popularity of Mac billing solution software include:

Best automated time and billing solution for legal professionals and lawyers
Using the Mac billing software, lawyers will be able to keep track of time as well as tasks over the internet. This software is equipped with different types of time billing options that range from hourly rates to fixed fee rates.

The software can analyze time and help increase a firm’s overall efficiency
This Mac legal billing software will assist legal professionals in analyzing their time so that this can help increase the overall efficiency of a firm. This software can be used for better time tracking, improving cash flow using faster bill presentment techniques. It will help lawyers to even reduce their billing disputes and can even use the billing system as a “practice dashboard”.

Flexible billing options
This is one of the most important aspects of the Mac billing software. It offers flexible legal billing options like printing and mailing, automail or outsourced mail, electronic bill presentment, invoice through email, consolidated billing invoice, generating retainer bills, and preparation of completely editable draft invoices.

Secure and reliable hosting as well as backup
What is really different about the Mac billing software is that it is different from other time tracking and billing software’s due to the high level of security it offers. Lawyers using this software will be able to enjoy 128bit SSL certificate interface for all their confidential matters. From client information to billing, all types of data will be hidden from any outside source. At the same time, the lawyers using the software will have access to this data 24 x 7 over the internet. It is being hosted in a world class data center that not only offers a high level of security but also tackles various maintenance issues that can range from hardware faults to software errors.

These are some of the salient aspects of the Mac billing software and it is very useful for lawyers and law professionals who want to streamline their work.