London’s top 10 cyber-security companies – SaaS, encryption, mobile security and beyond


A surprise to those who still associate the company with old-world telecoms but BT is now a major player in the security services space, offering BT Assure Managed Cloud, DDoS mitigation, managed firewalling, and SIEM threat monitoring. Earlier this year, BT integrated cyber threat security system from startup Darktrace (see slide 6) while further back in time it acquired Bruce Schneier’s security startup, Counterpane, in 2006.


Better known for its global business accountancy services, PwC (or PricewaterhouseCoopers) is a privately-owned network of affiliated firms that has built a commanding presence in security consultancy. The firm has partnerships with a range of companies in the space including, recently, security ‘unicorn’ Tanium. Provides research for the annual Information Security breaches survey in conjunction with the UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).


Founded in 2005, Silobreaker has made its name in business and network analytics. In cybersecurity, the firm’s software can automate the process of trawling through large numbers of data feeds – social media, websites and news – to deliver reports on any security topic from specific attack types to known groups that might be of interest to a business.


A specialist in endpoint encryption for Window and Android, Becrypt also offers port/USB control, iOS mobile device management, and thin client technology such as the innovative tVolution secure client on a USB stick Techworld wrote about in April.

Acuity Risk Management

Sells software risk management system called STREAM used by large enterprises to assess governance, risk and compliance (GRC). The latest version V4 allows admins to build detailed custom reports.


Despite being founded in Cambridge with money from Mike Lynch’s Invoke Capital, Darktrace now boasts a London HQ to back up its offices in the famous University town – these days the firm might accurately be seen as being half way between the two cities. Building a stellar reputation for its Enterprise Immune System, a fully-fledged cyber-defence system technology for spotting anomalies on networks. In March formed an important partnership with BT.


Founded in 2013 by the founders of ScanSafe (sold to Cisco in 2009), Wandera specialises in mobile security, offering customers its Secure Mobile Gateway as a security service. Based on a mobile app directing traffic through a proxy, Wandera is an innovative combination of cloud and mobile security in one system more often pioneered by US security firms.


Founded in 2007, SentryBay has assembled a wide range of security products for different business sectors – Data Protection Suite (DPS), Armoured Browser (banking), Anti-Keylogging, E-Vault, mobile security and even Internet of Things. Works closely with a range of partners, including Barclays, Geico, Check Point, and American Express.


Privately held and founded during the boom, Citicus sells risk and compliance management software in the form of its Citicus One platform. Noted for its ability to visualise risk, can be used on premises or as a service. Mature and with an extensive list of customers, Citicus has established itself in its field in an unflashy, under-stated British way.


A London-based startup with a strong Russian presence among its founders, Protectimus sells two-factor authentication technology using one-time passwords (OTPs) and tokens for integration into larger IT systems as a service. Once an expensive security niche, two-factor hardware tokens are becoming a standard technology across a growing number of enterprises.