Link Building – Your Way to Higher Search Engine Ranking

Are you an online business owner? Are you working hard to get your site to ranked high on search engines?

If you answered yes to the above question, then you know how lucrative a higher search engine ranking for your site can be. You at the same time also realize the challenge in achieving that goal as link building is a challenging talk.

Google and other major search engines constantly change their search engine algorithm in an attempt to tackle eve growing link spam. Backlink building methods that worked few months back don’t seem to work today. You submit your site to thousands of directories, bookmark your story on hundreds of social bookmarking sites, publish articles to lots of article directories, but your site don’t seem to climb up any higher after a certain position.

Ever wondered why? Reason being the search engines, mainly Google, paying more importance to quality link building methods than the quantity of backlinks. If you analyze your competitor backlinks, you will notice that some site have thousands of backlinks and some has only few hundred or even less but often, site with less backlinks outrank sites with higher backlinks. This is due to the quality of backlinks. More you focus on quality link building, better your site ranks. Pretty simple equation.

So how to drive a quality backlink building campaign? Focus on getting backlinks form sites that have certain authority with Google already. Quality high PR sites that are relevant to your niche will always gibe you good quality backlinks. If you are focusing on directory submission as a method of link building, then focus on submitting to the top ranking directories like Yahoo directory, DMOZ directory, BOTW (best of the web directory), etc. These directories are trusted by Google and have certain authorities for which backlinks form there have lot of weight. Do keep in mind that Yahoo directory and BOTW are paid directories where you need to pay to get listed.

There are high PR social media and Web 2.0 sites where you can publish your own content linking back to your site. How many high PR Web 2.0 sites out there as of this date is anyone’s guess but if you know how to find those sites and get backlinks form there, this certainly would be a good linkbuilding method to try out.

If you are still overwhelmed and need help with your link building campaign or would rather like to let the professionals do the link building job for you,. You can certainly outsource your campaign to a trusted and reputable link building service provider.

Happy Link Building!