Internet Business Plan: Why It Is Important

Have you created an Internet business plan? If you already have an online presence, it is crucial that you have such a plan. If you own a brick and mortar business and you are thinking about establishing an online presence, now is the best time to create this business-marketing plan.

Why is there such a need for a plan? If you already own a business, isn’t the plan you already have in place good enough for the online world? The short answer to that question is “no”. The reason is because comparing an offline business to an online business is like comparing apples to oranges. Although your goals might be the same (attracting clients and making a profit), the way you get there is completely different.

If you are self-employed, home-based business marketing is an essential piece of your marketing puzzle. How will you attract clients to your site so they can learn about you and what you offer? It’s important to realize that the most fancy looking site in the world without traffic is a business that is dead in the water.

You must know how to attract traffic. To do this, you need to be familiar with keyword research (how to find what people type into the search engines), SEO, or search engine optimization (for instance – too many keywords used in an article will get you tagged as a “spammer”), and you need to offer value in your education.

An Internet business plan will take these crucial areas into account, and provide you with a way to move forward with specific goals in mind. You will want to be very specific here. What will your goal be for traffic in 1 month? 3 months? 6 months? In what ways will you attract traffic? Will you do article marketing that will direct more traffic to your pages? Will you seek out forums where people hang out who are interested in the services or products that you represent? Will you be developing a linking plan – that is, linking to other sites that complement yours so that your site will rank more highly with the search engines?

Of course you will learn as you go along – especially when you measure your results to see what is working most effectively. But having a basic Internet business plan is vital for accomplishing the 3 things any business owner will need: attracting visitors (potential clients), keeping visitors interested and wanting to stay in contact with you, and offering those visitors a service that will keep them satisfied and lead to repeat business when possible.

Do your business marketing right from the start – and enjoy a shorter road to the visibility you want and the visitors you need to make your business a success.