Increase Productivity Listening to White Noise While You Work

I am very good at keeping myself busy. It seems like I add a new project to my never ending list every other day and I am always working on something. I have many responsibilities now, which means I need to be as productive as possible to accomplish all the tasks I’ve set out for myself.

Making money online is a game for overachievers, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you are in a similar situation.

Because of this, I am always looking for ways to increase my productivity. I have mentioned a few of my tricks before, but there is one that I have been using for around a year now (and I’m actually using right now) that I have not mentioned. White noise.

White noise, also called white sound, is defined by the Random House Dictionary as a steady, unvarying, unobtrusive sound, as an electronically produced drone or the sound of rain, used to mask or obliterate unwanted sounds. Essentially, it’s just background noise.

How does White Noise Increase Productivity?

I have been experimenting with listening to white noise while I work on my computer at the PeerFly office and my laptop at home. I have Bose QC 15 Noise Canceling Headphones that, combined with a few different white noise websites, has helped me increase my productivity to the point that now I listen to it almost every single day.

How does it really help increase your productivity though? Honestly, I’m not 100% sure. I believe it probably has to do with decreasing outside distractions so you are 100% focused on whatever you are working on combined with keeping your mind relaxed so you can focus. Have you ever tried listening to a podcast or audiobook while you’re working? If you’re like me, you’re either listening intently to whatever is being said or you are focused on your work. It’s hard to do both.

With white noise, you don’t care what sound is coming out, but you have it there to relax your mind.

White Noise Websites

There are a few white noise websites that I have tried that I would recommend. I don’t currently use any white noise mobile apps because when I am working I am using a computer so I’m not concerned about using my phone. I actually try to ignore my phone so using it to create my white noise would actually probably be counterproductive.

I should also mention that my favorite sounds to listen to are rain, thunder, and a coffee shop. I usually use a combination of the three noises. Because of that, there have been a few sites that I’ve found that I decided not to use because they didn’t offer all three.

That being said, my favorite white noise website is definitely Noisli.