Improving Profitability Using Resource Planning & Scheduling Software

To improve overall profitability of the organisation, it is critical to achieve more out of fewer resources as resources are major cost to the organisation. In other words it is important to maximise the utilisation of your existing resources. This becomes further crucial in case of human resources, who are major overhead in most of the industries around the world. Any improvement in human resource utilisation adds directly to the bottom line of the organisation and provides required competitive edge against its competitors. Human resource utilisation can be improved by planning and scheduling your resources efficiently and smartly. Traditionally this work is done manually or using resourcing spreadsheet or calendaring tools. These methods are no more efficient and responsive in the environment, where business dynamics are changing often.

So it is critical to have right resource planning and scheduling software, which is designed from scratch to manage and achieve improved utilisation of scarce resources.

Typically human resources in large size company are boxed within boundaries of departments, teams, projects, offices, cities, countries etc. This makes it very hard to have companywide visibility of resource capability and availability. Visibility gets further blocked when there is outsourcing to outside vendors and resources are located across the city or country boundaries. This lack of visibility adversely affects uniform work load distribution, maximisation of resource utilisation and accurate resource hiring and retraining. So it is very crucial to build up centralised system, which records and displays details about capability and availability of individual resources. Resource planning and scheduling software are specifically designed for this purpose.

Once there is companywide visibility of resource capability and availability, it becomes quite easy to identify the right resource for the right job at the right time. Right resource can be identified based on skill, role, training, availability, area of interest etc. This can be best achieved by dedicated resource planning and scheduling software, which can search the right resource instantly with click of button. Allocating right resource to the right job is a win-win situation for both employees and employers. This ultimately adds to the profitability of the company.

Besides above improvements, it is critical to measure and track utilisation of individual human resource across the organisation and balance work load. Information about resource utilisation should be readily available to identify over and under allocation of the resources. So that new work can be allocated and existing work can be easily reallocated to other resources across the organisation. This facilitates optimum utilisation of the resources adding to company profitability.

To improve long term profitability, it is critical to forecast future human resource requirements in line with future workload and long term corporate objective. This helps the company in recruiting right number of resources at right time in future, reorganise the workforce and retrain existing resources with new set of skills. Powerful resource planning and scheduling software can forecast resource requirements based on future workload and future strategic initiative of the company.

In short, company profitability can be improved using right resource planning and scheduling software, which can help identify the right resource for the right job, balance workload across the organisation, maximise utilisation of resources and accurately forecast future resource requirements. SAVIOM Resource Planning and Scheduling Software has been specifically designed from scratch for this purpose. This software is quite powerful, affordable and easy to use.