HTML Language

HTML language is the markup language used to develop web pages whenever you want to develop a web page HTML is required. Surrounded by angle brackets().

HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) is the markup language for web documents. HTML elements are used to write HTML codes. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the another way which HTML uses to make pages stylish. HTML is a markup language for web page development, not a programming language. HTML lies in the category of case-insensitive language.

Why HTML Language?

To make it clear, we have to understand the working of web browsers over internet.

Web Browser:

Web browser is an application for providing services on the world wide web (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc). Web browsers have three basic steps:

1) Retrieving the web document 2) Presenting the web document 3) Traversing the web document

Uniform Resource Identifier(URI) is used to identify web pages on the web and pages may contains images, text, video or other content. For example, http: // the prefix http: describes Hypertext Transfer Protocol used. Web browsers support verity of protocols such as http:, ftp:, and file: for local files.

When browser retrieve the web document specified by URI located on world wide web then browsers’ layout engine marks the HTML coding of the document for the interactive presentation of pages to users.

HTML language are used only to design the layout of the document. HTML language marked by the browsers and only identify by predefined HTML tags(or HTML elements) such as html, body, b tag etc.

If you want to develop a HTML page or want to create a website then you need HTML language. If you want to make your pages more stylish then use cascading style sheet (CSS). The combination of HTML and cascading style sheet (style information) makes pages more attractive.