How to Keep Laptop Battery Life Last Much Longer Than Others?

Laptops offer convenience because users can bring it along during meetings, conferences and even on transatlantic flights. But what make this convenience possible? It’s the rechargeable lithium-ion battery that accompanies each purchase of a laptop. Lithium-ion batteries offer longer laptop battery life so that users will no longer need laptop replacement battery during periods away from a regular power source.

A typical lithium-ion battery pack consists of 3, 6, and 9 cells while others use 2, 4 and 8 cells. The number of cells in a battery determines the number of hours it can last after charging. So when the laptop is hooked to a 3 cell battery never expect power to last longer than the laptop running on a 6 or 9 cell battery. To say that laptop battery life can last longer than the other is hard to quantify unless the comparison is made between similar battery specifications. Users can switch to a laptop replacement battery suited to the need – depending on the number of hours the laptop will be in use.

Assuming everything to be equal in terms of number of cells, laptop battery life will now be subject to power consuming devices attached to it. For laptops, battery power is expected to last based on the following observations which includes the web surfing, and gaming practices of the user.

The computer screen, hard drives and the wireless card types etc. are all power consuming devices that contribute to the battery hour-efficiency rating. So expect high-end designed laptops to consume more battery power compared to low-end laptops that operate with a small screen display and less powerful processors.Laptops are designed to drain energy from batteries so that usage of the laptop has a direct bearing on battery hour-life. If the user only needs to send e-mails, power consumption is less compared to watching movies that may need a laptop replacement battery so as to operate throughout the film’s entire run without losing power.The laptop environment has a direct effect on the life expectancy of a laptop battery. When using the computer amidst a humid environment, the laptop will easily overheat. Overheating affects the battery, and when constantly subjected to this condition cuts short the expected lifetime.The use of lithium-ion batteries is not dependent on the number of cycles or recharging times but on the manufacturing date of the battery. This entails buyers to always be attentive to the manufacturing date and never buy old stock. Laptop battery life degrades whether it is used frequently or stays on the shelf.

Remember to carry along a laptop replacement battery when out on long weekends, because a single battery pack will not be enough to power the laptop for extended hours. How to keep your laptop batteries last longer than the others? It will depend on the frequency of use.