How to Get Banking Jobs

There is a lot of scope for banking jobs in India. Working at a job in banking can be an exciting one, but also highly stressful if you’re not careful.

Working in a bank, means you will get to meet many different kinds of people as well as learn a lot from your hands on experience. Perhaps the best part about working in a bank is that it looks pretty impressive on your resume.

But if you think it’ll be a walk in the park, think again. Many a banker comes home late – like late, late – to be with his wife and family, solely because the work pressure on him in office kept him working till 10 at night – and maybe longer.

Insurance and accounting jobs are no better. High-pressure work loads make the jobs stressful and largely draining. While it looks good on your resume to have these kind of jobs listed as work experience, you should count the cost before you step in to fill such a role.

Finance jobs can be quite exciting although, and looking on the bright side of it – at least it pays well. Jobs in Bank Industries have been known to pay over 6 digits per month and sometimes even more than that. But this need not always be the case. Jobs in Banking can be as diversified as there are types and categories of jobs in the market – well maybe not that many, but you get the point.

The first things you need to do when considering joining a bank is ask yourself why. Are you joining them for the money? Are you joining them because they are a good brand name? Are you joining them because the market is down and you have nowhere else to turn? Ok, I’m sure that’s not why you’re joining, because banking employment seems to be the last place anyone would look if they were in such a state. Are you looking because you want to learn something new? Are you there because it’s a family business or your parents want you to do this?

Once you decide on your reason for doing this, figure out whether you would like an online banking job, or work in a regular bank. There are many types of banks under the heading of a regular bank. Some of these are: a small bank, a national bank, a hometown bank, a regional bank, etc. and then take the next step to applying to them.

As with any job, there is a minimum qualification that they expect you to meet. They don’t expect you to have criminal records or any such thing. You also need to have some basic computer knowledge.

And finally, bank jobs can be found online, in local newspapers, etc. Pick up the phone and apply.