How to Be a Self-made Star With Your Own Dance Music Video

The images of sexual innuendos and dancing people amidst colorful lights come to mind when you hear of a dance music video. Your body is eager to get its groove, not to mention it’s a feast for the auditory and visual senses!
With dancing bodies, psychedelic lights, and sexual innuendos, a dance music video is definitely a feast for both the auditory and visual senses. If you’re an artist, maybe you should come out with one, too!
You can have your own dance music video and be a self-made artist with the emergence of Me-Media. Don’t be scared to put your dancing talent and filmmaking skills, no matter how amateurish, to the forefront of popular YouTube uploads. Who knows if you’ll be the next Marie Digby or Mia Rose! (FYI – Marie Digby has over 2 million hits and Mia Rose got 35 million hits on their channels, which is an extremely good way of putting their names on the public’s eyes.)
With the presence of Me-Media, you can be a self-made star with your own dance music video. Do not be afraid to expose your dancing penchant and filmmaking skills, regardless of how unprofessional, to the limelight of cutting-edge YouTube uploads. Who knows if you will be the next Marie Digby or Mia Rose! (Mia Rose got 35 million hits on the channels, while Marie Digby got 2 million, placing them in the public limelight!)
People For Hire
When creating a music video, you should go one step higher than home videos of yourself and your friends dancing to “Thriller”. The following are the professionals you must get:
* The back-up dancers have to stay that way – back-up! They should not overshadow you. You are, after all, the star of the video!
* The choreographer must have new moves to teach. He should also be able to highlight your expertise.
* The director is the main man for your music video. Cautiously pick one with expertise, while taking your budget into consideration.
* The cameraman must be able to capture the shots in various angles like low and high-angle shots, Dutch angle, bird’s eye, etc.
Essentially, your dance music video will be completed with these people. When you’re working on a considerably small budget, you don’t have to hire a director of photography or a production designer. Or, you can get a director-slash-cameraman and a choreographer-cum-backup dancer. However, unless you don’t wish to be in it, you simply cannot be the star-slash-cameraman!
Your Video Shoot
Before you shoot the video, you need to create a storyboard with the whole idea of what you want to achieve. Decide which aspect you want focused on – your dance moves, or the special effects.
You will have to re-shoot scenes sometimes, too. Do not be discouraged, as even the most experienced of artists and directors do re-shoots to perfect the feel of the video. If you’re a perfectionist, then making a cool dance music video ought to be a breeze.
Upload the Video
Upload your video to YouTube when you are finished. And while waiting for those hits to come, why not make another? Watch out, Beyonce!