How a New Advancement in Cold Storage Is Solving the Dilemma of Simplicity and Security

Whether you’re a bitcoin maxi or an altcoin trader, there’s one thing everyone in this industry can agree on: Cold storage is the easiest solution on the market. Known for its ease of access and online connectivity, hodlers have long favored the use of cold storage. Well, not really.

Hardware wallets have long been the top solution for both security. Providing private key security trusted by long term hodlers, hardware wallets have been the go-to for users looking to keep their crypto safe. If you want to achieve this high level of security, all you need to do is take a university level course to figure out how to set it up.

The truth is, if you’re looking to actually put your crypto to use in your day-to-day life, hardware wallets can be incredibly complicated. Almost all existing solutions are made by geeks for geeks and require a pretty in-depth background to handle properly.

If you need high security and have months to dedicate to gaining a technical understanding of crypto storage, then most hardware solutions are for you. If you want the security, but value your time, then Tangem wallet is the right fit for you. Championing convenience, Tangem Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that utilizes an NFC card.

It’s easy to use – for everyone. You just need to enter the address and amount on a mobile app, tap the card to a phone and your transaction will go to the blockchain. At the same time, the developers have provided maximum security, demonstrated by its full-device hardware audit from Kudelski Security laboratory.

Also, all Tangem hardware wallets have the security certification of EAL6-Plus, the highest level of security certification by Common Criteria on the market. The open source code of the application, and the SDK for integration into other applications, together provide transparency of the solution: the user can always be sure of the absence of backdoors.

This commitment to security doesn’t just stop at the design level. Tangem has additionally created further security from common external breaches including phishing security and secure key management.

The Tangem Wallet uses a single secure chip, providing direct end-to-end attestation to the device. This ensures that you always have a genuine Tangem Wallet, regardless of how you received it. Compare this to other “composite” hardware wallets that use displays and buttons. With Tangem, you avoid the risk of installing a fake application or being hacked, since doing so would require physical access to your device or alteration to the chip itself.

The Tangem Wallet also incorporates superior key management and storage. To start, there’s no need to worry about writing down or eventually losing your seed phrase. This is because Tangem doesn’t use seed phrases at all.

The common method for backing up keys (AKA BIP39) is an outdated, overcomplicated security method. By eliminating the need for a seed phrase, Tangem brings crypto wallets into the modern world of security and further advances the key management experience.

Further, by removing the need for seed phrases, Tangem has also created additional ways to back up and store your wallets. Users can store backups onto two or more cards that have the same security as the original, but with independent passwords. If you forget your password, you can reset it using another linked card instead of frantically searching for those 12 words you forgot to write down. In fact, you don’t even need to worry about your seed phrase at all. Tangem eliminates the need to control your seed phrase storage, keeping it safe and giving you peace of mind.

While crypto looks to move toward mainstream adoption, it’s important to remember the rallying cry that has been the mantra of this space: Not your keys, not your crypto. While accessibility and simplicity can be a key driver of mainstream adoption, it’s important not to sacrifice sovereignty and security. By combining all of these factors, Tangem Wallet is primed to bring mainstream adoption to cryptocurrency.

The future of cryptocurrency security is self-custodial, secure and convenient. This means eliminating the need for mnemonic (seed) phrase backups and forcing people to write them down in low security environments like a note file or piece of paper.

It’s time to change how we control our private keys. We need solutions that offer fast setups, convenience for everyday use and systems that are open to both beginners and experts. Tangem Wallet offers the latest example of what the future of crypto will look like for its next billion users.