Have Others Sway to Your Dance Music

What separates an achiever from a sheer dreamer? It’s persistence and passion. Most of all, you have to be fiercely determined and be a risk-taker in order to savour the fruits of success. All these are de rigueur anytime, anywhere.
Making it big in the dance music business, just like any other venture, has its own series of challenges and trials. It is good to be aware that in order to engrave your own niche in the sun, there are examples whom you can get tips from.
Be Visible and Audible
Ascertain that you are visible as this is probably the best method in getting to the top of the heap. Believing that the public will just discover you without presenting yourself and your talent is inexcusable. People should notice you, hear you and sing praises to your beat. A few simple suggestions can help you through this:
Be part of online clubs for dance music aspirants and experts. This way, you are paving your way towards getting to know other DJ’s and industry honchos who may be your ticket to success.
Attend events and gatherings where dance music fans and producers meet like dance halls and clubs. Aside from rubbing elbows with them, you also get the opportunity of emulating them and in taking advantage of their networks.
Patronize the web for mileage. Ask your network to comment and spread the news about the music videos that you’ve shared. Ascertain, however, that you do not run out of videos to upload so you can keep supporters coming. Initially, you may want to focus use of YouTube.com and dropyourtalent.com
Creatively promote yourself through an online domain. Nowadays, it’s rather easy for you to have your own online domain. This is a very good marketing tool as you’ll have adequate online space to introduce your profile and your music.
Fame and wealth, especially in in this industry, isn’t uncomplicated. Ther is no time to be shy. You need to be bold and of course, you have to think that your dream is on its way of being materialized..
Consider the Public
Conflicting but applicable, you need to create a beat that is distinctively yours if you want to succeed in this business. Otherwise, you may just be tagged as a copycat who thrives using others’ music.
Take the famous Tiesto, for instance. Early in his career, he was into hardcore tracks; later he became an enthusiast of acid house and new beat prior to becoming among the figures of electronic and trance dance music.
All the renowned DJs – Tiesto, Paul van Dyke, Armin Van Buuren, Fatboy Slim, to name a few – have to find their unique sound and so should you. In this kind of business, you must find your own beat, literally.
Be it known, however, that you’re not playing only for yourself. Dance music needs other people so they can sway to the tune. With this, you should make sure that while you’re following the current trends of music, you make one that will speak of you, and will sound original.
Towards this end, you have to practice, practice, practice and produce, produce, produce. You must never grow tired of turning that turntable, listening to the groove and mixing your music. And then do it all over again the next day.
Soon enough, you will just be surprised at the progress that you are making and you’ll see yourself on track of being the best DJ there is!