GravaStar debuts two new gaming mice with “avant-garde” design

In case you haven’t heard of GravaStar, we’ve reviewed a few of their very funky-looking speakers and chargers in the past. Today, the company unveiled two new gaming mice — the Mercury M1 Pro and M2 — with a very “avant-garde” design that features a hollowed-out shell.

The hollowed-out design isn’t for everyone but allows for these gaming mice to be fairly light at only 79g each. In addition, the design allows for better airflow, helping to keep gamer’s hands cool while gaming for extended periods of time.

“In creating the Mercury M1 Pro and M2, my vision was to transcend the ordinary boundaries of gaming peripherals. These mice are more than just tools; they are an embodiment of the gamer’s spirit. My approach was not solely focused on functionality but on crafting an extension of the gamer’s own persona. The unique bio-inspired design of these mice, which emphasizes both aesthetics and ergonomics, is a direct reflection of this vision.”

Yong Huang, Founder of GravaStar

Key features of the Mercury M1 Pro and M2 include:

  • 1KHz polling rate
  • 26,000 DPI sensor for razor-sharp accuracy
  • Versatile connectivity options including 2.4G, Bluetooth, and wired
  • Five dynamic LIGHTSYNC RGB modes
  • Programmable buttons for more control while gaming
The GravaStar Mercury M2 Stealth gaming mouse
The GravaStar Mercury M2 Stealth gaming mouse.

The Mercury M1 Pro and M2 gaming mice are available for pre-order now on starting at $79.95. There are three versions available with the most expensive one topping out at $129.95. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for our full review of one of the two models.