Getting Started – Yahoo Small Business Solutions

If you are looking for ways to promote your business or franchise, Yahoo Small Business focuses on web hosting and marketing products. The small business services provided by Yahoo include domain names, internet marketing and e-commerce solutions. The suite of marketing products that Yahoo offers for small business owners offers solutions for the needs of most online merchants.

Domains are offered to new Yahoo customers at promotional rates that are priced at less than two dollars per year. Existing customers may pay as little as ten dollars per year to be hosted on Yahoo’s servers. Phone and email support is included in the low price that Yahoo charges for its domains. Web hosting is also available for a low monthly charge. This service provides free domain names and advertising discounts along with customer support that is available twenty-four hours per day. Yahoo offers packages that include as many of the services as your business requires so that you don’t end up paying for more than you need.

Yahoo solutions also include search marketing programs and e-commerce services. With Yahoo being the second ranked search engine in the world; their search marketing program is very popular. Yahoo’s e-commerce solutions encompass a network of over fifty thousand online retail stores, which gives a Yahoo the exposure it needs to succeed. Business needs such as shopping carts, order management, and payment processing are already set up to simplify business management.

Yahoo solutions give the small business person the edge needed to compete in today’s fast paced online shopping experience. Yahoo provides reliable servers and a well known domain service that can help a business succeed. Yahoo’s services can help an online business attract and retain customers which is key to their profitability.