Getting Into Management

Time Management

 If you have been in your job for some time you may want to start thinking about advancement. This usually means moving into management. This can be a big step in your career. Managers are usually paid on salary and not as an hourly worker. If you have been an hourly worker the transition to a salary position can be a significant change. Persons receiving a salary do not receive overtime, however they are generally better paid than hourly workers. Managers, especially new managers, are often required to work more than forty hours per week. You have to take this into consideration if you are thinking about moving up the corporate ladder. If you are a union worker you may be receiving benefits that are not available to managers. Generally speaking, managers, over the long term, have access to better benefits than hourly workers.

If you are unsure about moving into management many companies offer interim management positions. This allows the worker to test drive being a manager. It is an effective way for the company to test the skills of a person to make sure that they would make a good manager. It also allows the individual to experience the day to day activities and responsibilities of being a manager. This type of situation allows both parties to test the waters before any permanent decision is made.  A win / win situation for all concerned.