Gamer Testing Ground Review – How to Become a Beta Game Tester

Anyone can become a beta game tester as long as they enjoy to play video game. Gamer Testing Ground is a program that gives information and guide on how to become a beta tester. The game testing jobs have become popularity since game companies are earning 50 billion dollars in revenue each year. In order for them to earn more money, they want to ensure that their video games contain no errors which known as ‘graphic glitches’ and ‘bugs’. This is the reason why they hire beta game tester to keep an eye on their product quality.


Gamer Testing Ground is a website which is also a membership program that offer useful information and tools to their members for a higher chance of being employed by a game company. The game testing position is open to people of all levels and game programming and developing skills are not required. The company will look through your resume instead of your experience, so you should understand how to write your resume the correct way to attract their attention. Gamer Testing Ground provides guide on how to write an outstanding profile and resume.


The beta game testing jobs are opened to the residents of United States, United Kingdom and Canada. There is no limit on how many video game you can test, the only limit is your time. It usually takes up to 8 hours per day to test one game. The more games you test, the more money you will earn. So there are enough rooms for everyone.


The pay rate is depending on your game testing experience. If you are a new starter you can earn at least $9 per hour. The highest paid is $150 per hour which also depend on how many games you can test each week. There is no limit in earning. Gamer Testing Ground included a list of game companies that have a higher pay rate due there are a few numbers of beta game testers. Beta testing job is a very profitable business since the video game consumer market has been expanded since last decade.

Let me show you how to successfully become a game tester.