Funeral Poems for Mother: Finding the Perfect Poem to Memorialize Mom

Funeral poems are often used to uplift the spirits of funeral patrons, remember the deceased and speak things that are otherwise impossible to say in a time of grief. Whether they are humorous, spiritual, emotional or simply personal favorites of the departed, funeral poems are an important part of many traditional funerals in the world today. While writing your own poetry is often the best way of describing exactly how much someone meant to you, not everyone is comfortable writing their own poem or reading it to the congregation. If this is the case, you can always use the works of another poet.

There are many ways to decide the best poem to choose. In many cases, this poem will reflect your feelings on a person’s life. This makes past events or interests a great source for funeral poetry. Whether they loved music, movies, camping or reading, there are poems available that cover nearly any interest. Another great source of inspiration for choosing funeral poems for a mother who has passed is the lives of their children.

Of course, faith and religion are also a big part of many funerals. A devotional funeral poem can help to raise the mood of the congregation, provide support and help renew faith that the deceased has moved on to a better place. Finding religious funeral poems is as simple as opening a hymnal or even looking within the Bible itself. Popular choices include Psalm 23 and Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. These are by far some of the most common, but powerful, funeral poems available.

If your mother was a fan of literature, there are yet more options available. Choosing a poem or short phrase from one of the writer’s works can not only pay homage to those who have passed on, but also do so in a truly personalized and meaningful manner. Popular authors who have written poetry used at funerals include Helen Keller, Mary Elizabeth Frye, W. A. Auden, Mary Alice Ramish and Lord Alfred Tennyson.

Nearly any poem is a candidate for a funeral. This is because every person’s journey through life is unique. With the resources made available on the Internet, your options for finding the perfect poem is nearly endless. During a time of such grief, it can be hard to find the thoughts or words to pay proper tribute to your lost loved one. With the many funeral poem databases on the Internet, you can find the poem that states how you feel with a simple search.