Funding Alternatives to Venture Capital

For many years, companies have relied on venture capital financing to grow and expand their businesses. Recently, most venture funds have been reduced in scope and size to deal with the current economic environment. Unfortunately, this has had a substantial effect in the broader economy by limiting entrepreneurship and innovation – key component of economic success.

Without venture capital, many business owners try to finance their companies by looking for a business loan from a lending institution. However, business loans are only given to companies that have strong collateral and can show profitable operations. Companies will also need to provide financial statements that will be rigorously reviewed to ensure that they meet institutional criteria. Because of this, this type of business financing is out of the reach of many business owners, especially at this time.

There is are alternative ways to finance your company. They can help you expand your company organically without generating any new debt. And more importantly, without having to give any equity in the business to someone else. Remember that when you use venture funding, you are selling a piece of your company to someone else. They will want a say on how things are done. Many times this is good, since venture capitalists usually have seasoned executives that can help you. However, it will take some of your independence away.

There are two alternatives that can help you, depending on your situation and line of business. One if factoring financing. Factoring bridges the 30 to 60 day gap between invoicing a commercial customer and actually receiving a payment. This advance payment enhances your cash flow, providing you with funds to pay current expenses and grow the business. The other alternative is to use purchase order financing. PO Financing only helps product resellers who have a large order and don’t have the funds to buy the product from their supplier. In both factoring and purchase order financing, the transaction is settled once the customer pays the invoice. And as opposed to other types of financing, the most important collateral if your customers credit rating. Thus, you can leverage your clients credit rating to fund operation expenses and growth. This makes factoring and purchase order financing an ideal solution for many businesses.