Free Hide Affiliate Link Tutorial

Every affiliate internet market needs to be able to hide their affiliates links. To save you having to pay money to hide your affiliate links, here is a free method you can use.

This method will save you a lot of money. To many people online try to sell this free and simple way of hiding affiliates links online. This free hide your affiliate link method involves creating a php file which you have to upload to your sever. You web hosting company should provide the tools you need to upload the file.

You need to create a php file called goto.php. Open up notepad then click on save as and save as goto.php (all files not txt).

Add this code below to the php file –

Upload php file to your sever.

Now change the code on any link you would like to cloak to: – change test to the what ever name you placed under ($m == “TEST”).

This is it. This is the simplest method I know to hide an affiliate link and it is very easy to implement. I hope this helps you.

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To your success,

Jason J Rich

Jason J Rich