Flip Video Editor for Mac

These days I did some research about Flip video camcorder and found many users are confused when they want to edit their favourite videos recorded by Flip video camcorder (including Flip Ultra, Flip Ultra HD, Flip Video Mino, Flip Video Mino HD and the newly released member Flip SlideHD) for whatever reason the met.

Flip video editing, iMovie, FCP, Adobe Premiere Pro say NO

As for Mac users, iMovie, FCP or Adobe Premiere Pro are probably the most frequently used editing programs. However, when you import your Flip videos directly into any of them, then the most possible things is nothing happens. Why? File compatibility problem. Usually, Flip video camcorders shoot videos in MP4 or H.264 which can’t be accepted by any of them directly. Such importing failures are no rare, just have a look the following example.

“I normally use Adobe Premier Pro CS3 for video editing.

I would like to do some editing of video from a Flip camera. This footage doesn’t seem to import to Premiere. So is there a good editor that will support Flip video natively, without too much extra hassle?”

FlipShare sometimes quit

FlipShare is an editing software pro-loaded with every Flip video camcorder which promised to make organizing, creating and sharing Flip videos in a simple way. But it proved to be not as good and powerful as it should be for whatever reasons maybe, it just quit its job. The following conditions may happen someday if you want to edit your Flip videos with it, just go with me.

“I like to make videos with my friend and I got a Flip Ultra for Christmas but Flip doesn’t work with my editor and I can’t really do anything cool with FlipShare, so I am looking to buy a new editor.

What I want to mare sure is that FlipShare will work with it.”

Flip video editor for Mac comes to your rescue

Flip video editor for Mac is an elaborately designed application for Flip video camcorder (including Flip Ultra, Flip Ultra HD, Flip Video Mino, Flip Video Mino HD and Flip SlideHD) users that can edit the Flip videos directly without anything else required. It provides rich video editing functions for you, such as video cropping, video trimming, video files merging, effects adding, images capturing, video rotating, to put it exactly, it is a professional Flip video cropper, trimmer, merger, splitter. Besides, it can also adjust the output parameters for your Flip videos.

Mac Flip video editor is also an excellent video conversion tool that can convert your Flip videos to almost all popular files like AVI, WMV, MPG, MKV, MOV, FLV, 3GP, DV, SWF, RM so that you can put on various portable devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, iRiver, BlackBerry, Gphone, Mobile Phone etc, import to video editing tools such as iMovie, FCP, Adobe Premiere Pro, upload to websites or play on other video players as well. Besides, as batch process mode is supported, you can import a bunch of files at the same time.

Note: If you want to edit Flip videos on other video editing tools, put on portable devices , upload to websites or play on other programs, just convert to the proper formats required, it’s just what Flip video converter for Mac can do, welcome to try!

How to edit flip videos footages taken off flip Ultra/Mino/Ultra HD/Mino HD on Mac with Mac flip video editor?

1.Hit Edit button on the top of the main interface, then you see two previewing windows.
Click Crop icon and set the parameters on the box of Left, Top, Right and Bottom. Four choices of aspect ratios are here available for you own preference in the zoom drop down list—Full Screen, Original, 4:3 and 16:9.

Click Effect icon and move the sliders to define video Brightness, Contrast and Saturation watching the output changing review on the panel accordingly. If you want to add some artistic effects, select from the drop down list menu of Effects for Gray, Emboss and Old film.
2.Hit Trim button to enter the trimming panel.
Set the Start time and End time to clip off your wanted parts for converting or keeping. Click OK.

3. Check Merge into one file option to combine all the files together to relieve you out of watching videos segments by segments on Mac OS.

4. Take snapshot of your favored pictures with Mac flip video editor built in camera for output image in JPG, BMP, PNG formats.

5. Rotate flip video upside down or left to right for some fun.

6. Click Settings button to select video output Resolution, Bit Rite, Frame Rate, and Encoder through advanced editing for better visual effects.