Fix Frontierville Lag and Flash Player Problems

Frontierville has been a frustrating gaming experience for many Facebook users because the game itself has been plagued by dozens of different technical issues. For example, some Frontierville users are not able to see their characters, even if they use the Liberty bell. Other Frontierville users reported that they could not access the game at all. Their computers would just freeze as soon as they try and load the popular Zynga game. This article has a look at some of the ways which may be able to solve your technical problems. As of today, Frontierville is definitely the best Zynga game which has been launched so far but it will get even better once all these technical issues are resolved.
One way to reduce lag is by using a different internet browser. Many Facebook users reported that the game works better in internet browsers such as Chrome and Safari. The least popular browser was Mozilla Firefox. This was not a huge surprise as Firefox is jammed with hundreds of plug-ins which can easily cause compatibility and high lagging issues. You should also have the latest flash player upgrade on your computer. If you are not sure then you can just visit the Adobe Flash Player website and it will automatically upgrade your computer if it detects an older Flash version.
For any in-game technical issues, you could try doing various actions. For example, some Frontierville users reported that a lot of their mission issues disappeared when they added and visited a new neighbor in their Frontierville homestead. For the latest information, you should check out Zynga support or the official Zynga forum.