Features of a Wifi Adaptor

The range of wifi adaptors brands is growing and advancing rapidly with the new developments in technology. There are 2 main kinds of adaptors, wireless and USB adaptors, both of which can be used on desktop and laptop computers.

Hardware features

The most obvious of hardware features is the size of the device. You can find an adaptor the size of a flash drive and other larger ones the size of a desktop phone. Choose the one that best suits your computer. If you want wifi Internet for your laptop, a small portable device is ideal, but for a desktop computer for home use, you can opt for a larger, stronger adaptor. However, if you want to connect several computers with the Internet, you may opt for an Ethernet cable type of connection.

Your adaptor should also have indicators to show power levels and to indicate an established connection.

Another additional feature is the length of the serial port cable if it is a USB type of adaptor, especially for positioning the adaptor to reach the strongest wifi range. Remember that your own taste plays a role in your choice since adapters come in different colors and designs as well.

Software features

The software of the adaptor is crucial because it is what enables your device to connect to the wifi network. First of all, the software should be compatible with your computer’s operating system. Always confirm before you purchase that the software will run without any issues on your computer, and if possible, ask for a demonstration on how the adaptor works.

Next, the adaptor should have a user friendly interface that is easy to understand.

It should clearly indicate the connectivity, signal strength, generate reports of your Internet usage, and connection to other terminals and devices like printers if you use them. It is important to read through the user manual and look at the software specifications of the adaptor once you purchase it.

Confirm that even the extra features like SMS, emails and alerts can function properly even if you will not use them as frequently. Make sure you choose the best adaptors, VGA cable and accessories for your PC.