Entrepreneurship by Jesse Willms


 It takes a lot of courage to become an entrepreneur. There are many risks associated with being in business for yourself. On the plus side there can be great financial rewards. On the other side there is the risk of going broke or bankrupt. Like they say “the greater the risk the greater the reward”. Without the “great reward” side of that equation there would not be any entrepreneurs. Jesse Willms is a Canadian entrepreneur with a wealth of experience. It is always nice to have someone that has been down that road to show you the way.

It seems basic, but before one enters into such an endeavor you need to carefully examine all of the pros and cons. Regardless of what it is, there are always pros and cons. In any business there are always risks. Some are more costly than others. Because each decision you make can have a significant impact on your business you must weigh each decision very carefully. That being said, having your own business can be one of the greatest experiences of your professional life.