DREO announces a dual-motor purifier tower fan & smart polyfan

DREO has just announced a couple of new devices that, we thought, might interest our audience. The company says its tower fan series has been a top #1 bestseller for two years running, so they are adding these interesting new devices to the mix.

The purifier tower fan MC710S marks the first product in DREO’s Multicomfort product series and is announced alongside a new smart fan series from DREO’s popular Polyfan category. Scheduled for release on the DREO website on April 9th, 2024, the MultiComfort series and new PolyFan Series from DREO aim to reimagine air comfort solutions, by offering better performance and value through innovation. Here is what the press release had to say.

New DREO In 2024

DREO announces a dual-motor purifier tower fan & smart polyfan

The flagship product in the Multicomfort series, the purifier tower fan MC710S, boasts DREO’s exclusive industry-first dual-motor technology, enabling it to function seamlessly as both a tower fan and an air purifier. It can be combined for maximum performance while giving users unique wind and purifying combinations.

Designed to rival top competitors like Dyson, the purifier tower fan MC710S offers twice the air outlet speed at half the price, with significantly reduced noise levels. The purifier tower fan MC710S’ dual filtration system and dual motor design which provides 2.3 times faster winds than single motor setups, delivers ultra-long-range clean and fresh air up to 40ft (ca. 12 m) away, making it capable of customizations for many scenarios and room sizes and is perfect for both winter purification and summer cooling.

Users can monitor air quality, temperature, and operational status at a glance from anywhere in the DREO APP. To celebrate the upcoming launch, DREO is offering an exclusive early bird pre-order offer, available from today through April 9th, allowing customers to secure their purifier tower fan MC710S on their U.S. website with a $1 deposit and receive a $30 off coupon.

In addition, members of the DREO AirComfort Facebook group will have access to an additional $10 off coupon, providing a total possible discount of $40 for the savvy consumer, by combining all the discounts and making the $1 deposit starting today.

DREO announces a dual-motor purifier tower fan & smart polyfan

In addition to the purifier tower fan MC710S, DREO introduces the Polyfan series with its flagship 704S and three other different modes from entry-level to flagship, demonstrating DREO’s commitment to ongoing product series innovation. Building on the consumer success of the Polyfan’s last Summer, the flagship Polyfan 704S was engineered for intelligent comfort, featuring industry-leading quietness, with a serene 25dB of noise, while providing hyper-powerful wind circulation at up to 110 feet (ca. 34 m).

Packed with omnidirectional oscillation, an upgraded air booster structure, and seamless control via the DREO APP, the PolyFan 704S sets a new standard for tranquility and power in home cooling, promising an unparalleled convenience for your smart home this Spring and Summer.

“We are thrilled to introduce our latest advancements in air comfort technology with the launch of the MultiComfort series featuring our industry-first dual-motor purifier tower fan,” said Joshua Gunn, North America VP of Sales at DREO. “With our dual-motor purifier tower fan and smart Polyfan series, we aim to provide consumers with unparalleled comfort, performance, and value with style and intelligence for the modern connected home.”