Dot Tel Domains – 3 Ways to Make Money With Them

This article is on the new top level domain extension, Dot Tel. This technology is different from all other website technologies because it is hosted in the internet’s Domain Name System. This is where Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for all computers connected to the internet are stored.

Despite their differences to other top level domain extensions, they offer 3 ways to make money which are also used by the more traditional domains; Dot Coms, Dot Nets, and Dot Orgs. These options are discussed are outlined in this article.

There are 3 main ways to make money with these domains:

1. AdSense

Google AdSense Pay Per Click was just added to Dot Tel Domains on 31st March 2010. Also, there are now tools available to help an owner add AdSense to their domains provided by applications’ developers. This is an important new development in money making on these domains. AdSense works by looking at the content on a page, finding the keywords, and then installing advertisements on each page.

2. Custom Advertising

Dot Tel Domains come with the ability to put custom advertisements on each pages. These are different from AdSense Advertisements. The owner can position these in the top, right hand side, and bottom positions of any page. Up to 12 ads per page are allowed. This gives owners of directories, for example, the ability to negotiate individual advertising packages for customers in the different directory categories and pages.

3. Enhanced Listings

There are many optional extras that can be added to a basic contact entry or listing in a Dot Tel Directory. A basic listing normally consists of just a phone number and possibly a location record. Some examples of an enhanced listing include custom logos, extra text, external links, extra contact types, and better search engine optimization on pages for clients. Many of these extras can be charged to the customer.

With these 3 options – AdSense, Custom Advertising, and Enhanced Listings – the owner or promoter of a Dot Tel Domain can make money from them.