Domain Registrar Reviews – Choosing the Right Domain Registrar

There are many popular domain registrars out there, many offering different kinds of services and features. Choosing the right registrar depends on your website’s requirements and budget. Although price is not that much different for single purchases, it does become a factor when you need to buy a number of domain names.

If you require a domain name for your small business, then going for the leading domain name providers such as Yahoo or GoDaddy would be advisable. You may want to consider other options if you need more than one domain name, or a premium domain name (a high value name being offered for resale by the owner) for your website.

You can easily find domain registrar reviews that compare domain names and different providers in terms of features, popularity, and price. These reviews are very helpful in making a decision about your future domains.

Who you choose as your domain registrar really depends on your requirements. But you must always consider the reputation and trustworthiness of a particular registrar before purchasing their service. Domain name registration starts as low as $1.99, and can be up to $14.99 per year, depending on the choice of registrar.

Some of the established names in domain registration, which you can use a basis of comparison, are Yahoo Domains, iPower, and Some of these companies also provide hosting along with domain registration, allowing you combine services and save cash. A few of these providers, like Yahoo Domains, will waive the domain registration fee if you purchase one of their hosting packages.