Distance Learning PhD Programs

Distance learning refers to self-paced learning at a convenient time and at a convenient place. Unlike the traditional method of learning, distance learning does not require a student to attend college or any educational institute. It targets students who have the potential and will to study, but lack the resources to do so. Through distance learning, colleges are able to reach out to a large number of students. A doctorate degree is the highest degree that is awarded after verifying a student?s mastery over a subject. It demonstrates a student’s ability to perform and present erudite research. This creative research is known as the doctoral thesis or dissertation. Online PhD degree programs are usually more professional than academic in nature.

A number of universities offer custom designed PhD programs. Admission to a doctoral program is usually based on a student’s educational record with a bachelor and master’s degree. It usually demands a considerable amount of experience in the specific field. Some institutions do not insist on a master’s degree, if a student demonstrates relevant proficiency. Universities offer PhD programs in a number of disciplines such as applied management, business management, human resources, psychology and medicine. Most universities grant tuition waivers and stipends for up to four years. There is usually no entrance exam. Students have access to online libraries that facilitates research in their areas of specialization.

Students that decide to enroll in distance learning PhD programs have several resources at their disposal. Some web sites serve as databases for available online courses across the globe.

Modern lifestyles, the cost of living and working families dictate that individuals seeking post-professional education need educational options. People choose distance-learning programs for different reasons. Some of the factors that influence the decision regarding postgraduate programs include the perceived quality of the program, pre-requisites and delivery format.