Direct Access Stock Trading – an Overview

Real Estate Wholesaling - Building Your Buyers List With Direct Mail PostcardsIt is a proven method to generate a list of buyers.

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Real Estate Wholesaling – Building Your Buyers List With Direct Mail Postcards

Online trading of stocks offered many more advantages than traditional stock trading such as faster trade execution, updated market information and sophisticated market research tools. But for some stock traders, like day traders, online trading were not so enough, which is why direct access stock trading has its existence. In direct access trading, DAT or EDAT, the trades are executed in real-time with real-time market information. Direct access stock trading usually involves much less commission fees than online trading, is also offer liquidity rebates and slippage control. Direct access stock trading is carried out through specialized stand alone trading platforms, the direct access or level2 trading systems. Today most direct access stock traders trade from their home. Direct access stock traders, unlike online traders, can route his order to his choice of market maker. Most direct access stock brokers offer paper trading accounts for a limited period to test drive their software. Lastly, direct access stock trading is not recommended for novice traders as well as doubtful traders.