Defender 2009 – A Rogue Security Program

Defender 2009 is a rogue security program that wants users to believe it is capable of removing spyware, viruses, parasites and other security threats from their PC. Hackers design these malicious applications in hopes of frightening you enough that you will purchase their product. This one is not capable of doing anything, except perhaps causing harm to your computer or personal identity.

This trick has been used thousands of times under many different names. There are legitimate antispyware tools available, but Defender 2009 is not one of them. This program is not capable of scanning your computer to start with, and it certainly will not detect or remove any infection that may (or may not) exist. Usually, trojans are responsible for installing these infections on your PC without your knowledge or consent. Most come from other files you may download such as music, games or videos. You might also become a victim by clicking links in spam emails, or visiting questionable websites.

These applications can pose a real threat not only to the health of your PC, but your personal identity as well. They are capable of collecting information about the websites you visit, the searches you perform, and your personal passwords, credit card numbers and other business data that you want to be private. They may sell this information to third parties as well. Although you don’t realize the moment Defender 2009 becomes placed on your PC, you will begin to see the symptoms shortly after.

Some of these symptoms include system instability, a slowing of your computer, freezing, pop-up ads and browser redirection. You will notice that your PC simply is not acting normal. When this happens, you must remove these parasites immediately. You may attempt to remove these applications manually by deleting all of the related files, but this is extremely difficult to do for most people. In fact, if not done properly it can cause additional damage to your computer.

If you believe that Defender 2009 has been installed on your PC, the best thing you can do is use a legitimate antispyware program to scan your computer for viruses, trojans and other security threats. Get one that guarantees to remove 100% of infections with one scan, and rest assured that your PC will once again be secure.

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