Database Design and Administration Programs

Database design and administration programs prepare students for the rigors of analyzing, organizing, managing and storing data for companies, governments and other types of organizations. Not just anyone can do this kind of job—it is challenging and requires a specific skill set. If you have a knack for computer science and a highly organized work method, this could be the perfect career choice for you. But first you need to finish the degree program.

There are several database design and administration degrees you can get at various campuses and online institutions around the nation. You may choose a certificate program if you already have a lot of computer knowledge and just need some specific certifications. There are also traditional associate’s, bachelor’s and graduate-level degrees that combine specific database knowledge with more broad educational requirements.

Many employers prefer at least bachelor’s degrees because it proves that the job applicant is able to finish a long and complicated task and that they have a more highly developed skill set.

If you decide to go for a Bachelor of Science in database design or administration, you can expect to be in school for four years. You will take general education classes that range from English and history to math and science for the first two years, and then you will focus solely on courses pertaining to your specific computer science degree. If this sounds like too much schooling, and you just want to get to work as soon as possible, you may prefer a two-year associate’s degree.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree you can complete various certificate programs that offer specific training such as how to use Oracle database management systems, which can be completed in a year or less. There are also degree programs such as the Master of Science in Administration for those who already have a bachelor’s degree under their belt. Your bachelor’s degree may be in any computer-related field, and you would specialize in database administration or design for graduate work.

There are many benefits to database design and administration degree programs. With the degree and the experience, your career can really go places.