Crypto Wallets and Self-Custody Are Back in the Spotlight, and Core Wallet Leads the Way

Core’s comprehensive suite of tools takes center stage, offering unparalleled access to dapps, NFTs, bridges, Subnets, L2s and more.

The world of cryptocurrencies is undergoing a seismic shift in the aftermath of the FTX collapse and the ongoing banking crisis. As DeFi and innovative technologies continue to reshape the digital landscape, self-custody solutions and secure, user-friendly DeFi tools are more important than ever.

Against this backdrop of global economic uncertainty and financial turbulence, prominent entrepreneur and investor Balaji Srinivasan made a bold prediction, stating that bitcoin’s price will exceed $1 million within 90 days. This projection hinges on the current hyperinflation and the escalating challenges facing traditional finance, exemplified by Silicon Valley Bank’s interchange debacle.

These developments only emphasize the crucial role of secure and decentralized financial solutions like Core in navigating the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Core Wallet: The ultimate crypto command center

Core – a free and comprehensive suite of tools by Ava Labs – supports Avalanche, Bitcoin, Ethereum and all EVM-compatible blockchains. It allows users to self-custody their assets, ensuring complete control over their funds without relying on third-party intermediaries. In addition, Core provides an integrated platform across a mobile app, Chrome extension and web portfolio that enables users to manage their assets, NFTs and more, all while keeping track of real-time price movements through the Watchlist feature.

Avalanche Bridge and native Subnet support

One of the key selling points of Core is its exclusivity as the only wallet offering the Avalanche Bridge. This innovative bridge has surpassed the BTC Lightning Network in terms of Bitcoin locked. As of February 25, the total value locked (TVL) on the Avalanche Bridge reached an impressive $680.12 million, with $169.02 million in BTC.b and $511.10 million in WETH.e.

Furthermore, Core is the only wallet to provide native Subnet support. With this feature, users can access a world of scalable, customizable and sovereign Subnets capable of meeting massive demand while still catering to the operator’s specific needs.

The largest Subnet, DFK, processes around 700 billion gas daily, outpacing the entire blockchain ecosystems of BSC and Polygon. This level of throughput is unprecedented in the industry, making Core a game-changer in DeFi and smart contracts.

Simplified crypto experience

In addition to offering unmatched speed and scalability, Core simplifies the crypto experience by enabling users to:

  • Buy AVAX with a debit or credit card via Coinbase Pay or Moonpay
  • Easily swap Avalanche, Bitcoin and Ethereum assets
  • Transfer Bitcoin and Ethereum to participate in the DeFi ecosystem
  • Add or switch to their favorite networks seamlessly
  • Access the Avalanche ecosystem rapidly with preloaded Subnets exclusive to Core

Integrated suite of products and cross-device sync

The value proposition goes beyond its unique features, as Core also boasts an integrated suite of products across all devices. This interconnected Web3 experience caters to a diverse range of users, from casual crypto enthusiasts to seasoned DeFi investors and NFT collectors, all while prioritizing user-friendliness and ease of use. Core’s built-in support for multiple languages and currencies makes it a truly global solution for the ever-expanding crypto community.

As DeFi and smart contracts gain popularity, Core lays the groundwork for a more accessible, efficient and secure financial future. Its level of commitment to excellent documentation, product support and user-centric design separates it from competitors, making it the platform of choice for anyone interested in exploring and leveraging DeFi and blockchain technology.

Native tokens support, EVM compatibility and NFTs

Core boasts support for native tokens in Avalanche, bridging the gap between the Avalanche ecosystem and the broader crypto community. Its EVM compatibility eliminates the need for manual token imports and also ensures a smooth user experience. This streamlined approach simplifies the process of accessing and managing various tokens and projects, which allows users to focus on their investment strategies and enjoy the flexibility offered by the platform.

The cross-device sync feature across webmobile and extension ensures that users have a seamless and consistent experience, regardless of device. This level of synchronization is crucial for those who rely on multiple devices to manage their assets and stay up-to-date with market movements – and is unique to Core.

NFTs and the DeFi focus within Core are also worth mentioning since the platform caters to the growing demand for features like natively sending and receiving NFTs and easy dapp discovery via Core’s web portfolio. By offering centralized access, Core simplifies the process of participating in the burgeoning digital economy.

Experience the power of an integrated suite of products with Core

Core embodies the future of the crypto ecosystem, providing a versatile and comprehensive solution that caters to the ever-changing needs of the blockchain community. As the only platform offering the powerful Avalanche Bridge and native Subnet support, it sets the gold standard in the DeFi space.

Core’s extensive features, intuitive design and dedication to self-custody, privacy and security demonstrate its commitment to empowering users and creating a better digital landscape for all. With Core by your side, you can confidently navigate the world of crypto, explore the possibilities of DeFi and NFTs, and unleash the full potential of blockchain technology.

As we continue to face global economic challenges and witness the limitations of traditional financial institutions, Core emerges as a shining example of how decentralized solutions can drive positive change. By enabling individuals to take control of their financial future, Core fosters a more inclusive, transparent and decentralized world for everyone.

Take advantage of the exciting opportunities the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies offers. With Core – your all-in-one command center for everything crypto – you can take control of your financial journey and join the revolution.

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