Contact Management Databases: A Top Asset for Systems Integrators

Contact management databases are a very, very important asset to your systems integration business. In fact, a contact management database is like a treasure map. In it you will find your future business.

The names in your contact management database are golden. Here are some tips for mining that gold most effectively:

Review your contact management database weekly and make sure it is current. Concentrate on quality over quantity.

Add some custom fields to your contact management database. This way you can separate the contacts with strong potential from those that are weak, and anywhere in between. Here’s how:

Set up the following four custom fields. You will use these as the basis for a points system in your contact management database.

Size Fit – how many computer related pieces does the client have? Give each person in your contact management database a ranking of 10 to 50.

Decision fit – Is this person the main decision-maker for the company? Yes/No

Niche fit – does this person fit the industry typically targeted? Yes/No?

Urgency fit – does the prospect have an urgency for your services in the next 90 days? Yes/ No.

Assign points for either a Yes or No answer. Have your database automatically calculate the total score for each contact. When you rank the prospects in your contact management database like this, you can see at a glance which ones are worth pursuing right away. This helps streamline your marketing and follow up.

Two other custom fields to consider adding to your contact management database.

Status drop down list – indicate whether the person is a prospect, a customer, a client, an influencer, etc…

Primary motivator – this is a text field for entering the biggest factor motivating the person to make a buying decision.

Bottom Line on Contact Management Databases

As a systems integrator, your contact management database is one of your most valuable assets. In order to get the most return on this asset you need to use it effectively and efficiently. Keeping your contact management database current is critically important to effectiveness. Customizing your contact management database is a way to improve its efficiency. When set up for maximum efficiency, the key to your future business can be found in your contact management database.

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