Connecting to the Network Printer

If you are in your office or even work in the shared workspace, chance is you have the wireless Internet connection. The most common form of the Personal Computer printing will be via the shared network of the wireless printers. It will sound simple enough for you. However, at the times it may be the challenge in order to connect to the wireless device in the office vicinity. You can learn the way to search the great printer connection on the shared network.

The first step that you should do is that you should look in the workspace or even nearby the vicinity for the shared network printer. A great way in reducing the long walk to the printer is by locating the closest one to you. Jot down a serial number and then make of a wireless printer.

For the second step, you need to open up the “Start” tab and then go to “My Computer.” The settings must be located under the file, but if they are not, you can peruse the PC settings until you are going to locate the printing/faxing folder or even icon.

For the next step, double-click on the Printer settings and then look for the “Locate wireless printer” or even “Add printer” icon.

If you have the wireless printer set up, but you will want one that will be closer to the desk, click on the “Add printer.”

After that, you may be prompted with the “Searching for network printers” message and also the process can take the few minutes. You can give the search some time and then wait for it to complete.

If you notice that a printer that you want is not listed, you can type it in the manually or even double-click on a name of your printer that you want. When given an option to connect to it, just do so.

After that, if you see that you still cannot print the test page from a particular network printer that you want, you will have to connect to a shared printer manually every time. If the other computer in the workspace will be connected to that printer, you need to have a computer user set up the shared printer status on your network printer. You can add the user ID and also password in a shared printer that allowances in allowing the PC to access a printer.

Go to the network folder and then look for a list of available PC’s on a network. To “trick” a network, you may have in signing into a shared printer network with a user ID password the coworker allotted for in a shared printer folder.

For the last step, double-click on the coworkers’ network name and then you may be prompted in entering the user ID and also password. After this, you essentially are on the shared printer network and also can print from the desired network printer at the time.