Civilized Cycles Model 1 premium e-bike features automated air ride technology

As people look for alternatives to pricier vehicles for their transportation needs, e-bikes have been gaining popularity. Civilized Cycles has just announced the Model 1: a premium e-bike that boasts automated air ride technology, an onboard display, and an accompanying app.

According to the company, the Model 1 is the only bike in the world that has an automated self-leveling air suspension. The system offers a smoother ride as it automatically adjusts to the weight of both the rider, passenger, and any cargo they may be carrying. The design of the bike has a step-through frame that accommodates two people and panniers that can carry up to four fully loaded grocery bags.

“We are excited to begin sales of the Model 1 and are eager to show that for local transportation, our greener future isn’t a sacrifice, it’s an upgrade. All of us have people and stuff in our lives, so our bikes are designed from the ground up to accommodate both. Form follows function, so we developed our own bespoke frame designed for two adults, drawing on elements and technologies from across the vehicle spectrum to improve safety, comfort, and sheer usefulness. Whether running errands, commuting, dropping a kid off at school or a romantic moment with your partner, the Model 1 will get you there in effortless style and comfort.

Zachary Schieffelin, Founder and CEO of Civilized Cycles

The Model 1 offers up to 1500W of power for off-road riding, a 5-speed Sturmey Archer transmission, pedal assist, a Launch Control throttle, a changeable battery pack, optional GPS theft tracking, antilock brakes, and more. The onboard display or app also allow the e-bike to be locked with a PIN. Other features of the app include metric tracking, controlling the five different power and speed modes, diagnostics, a full suite of aftercare services, and more.

Feature diagram of the Civlized Cycles Model 1 premium e-bike
Feature diagram of the Civlized Cycles Model 1 premium e-bike.

Features and specifications of the Civilized Cycles Model 1 e-bike include:

  • Frame
    • Forged and Hydroformed 6061 aluminum, deep step-through
    • Fully adjustable gel rider saddle accommodates riders 5’3” to 6’4”
    • Gel foam passenger saddle
    • Total capacity: 400lbs
    • Total vehicle weight: 89lb
  • Suspension
    • Front: Manitou custom 32mm fork tube, 20mm axle, 80mm travel
    • Adjustments: Mechanical preload, compression to lockout, rebound
    • Rear: Manitou custom single pivot,60mm travel
    • Automated self-leveling system
  • Power train and performance
    • 750w high torque mid-drive motor
    • Torque and Cadence Sensing Pedal Assist with ‘Launch Control’ Throttle
    • SturmeyArcher 5-speed Internal Hubtransmission
    • 30-mile range/60-mile range with optional second battery
    • Top Speed of 28mph (motor with pedal assist)
  • Brakes
    • Front: Tektro 4-piston 203mm hydraulic disc
    • Rear: Tektro 4-piston 180mm hydraulic disc
  • Battery
    • Lithium-Ion, 10.5 Amp hours @ 48 Volts
    • 45 watt USB-C Charging Ports
    • Sanyo cells only
    • Carries optional second battery
  • Lighting
    • Integrated tail light, brake light, and turn signals
    • Headlamp with self-dimming sensors
  • Storage
    • Integrated locking and water-resistant panniers
    • 25lb capacity per side
    • 20 liters capacity closed/80 liters capacity expanded
  • Warranty
    • 2-year warranty (typical wear item exclusions)
    • 10-year frame warranty

The Model 1 has 3 color options (Black, Imperial Red, Bond Silver) and is available for preorder at with early bird prices starting at US$4499. It will ship in Q4 2021 with the expected retail price of $5499.