Choose a Web Host

One of the most important decisions you will make online when selecting a web host is finding the one that will work for you. It’s very important to choose the right host. All your hard work will go to waste or even worse, lost. If you don’t do your homework and find the best one for you.

Many people have sites to play around with and have one for friends and family. Others have one to make money online and others have one for their businesses. Using free web host would be good for playing around with but you will need something more if you decide to use it for your business or making money online site.

Most Web Host companies have an easy site builder to help you out building your site. If you don’t know any programming or nothing about making website you want to find a host that will offer this. If you decide to move your site to another Web Host, be careful. Because their servers may be different to the one your moving to. So that means your site cannot be moved to another host, so before you decide to move look before you go. Unless you want to spend the time in building your site all over again.

Getting an email through the domain name of your website

It’s best to go with a host that provides unlimited autoresponders, pop emailboxes, email aliases. These services are needed to stay in touch with your visitors, potential customers and post customers.

When uploading files to server, Web Host companies provides tools like a online manager that will help you upload files to the server. Uploading large amounts of data takes longer because it’s slow. Myself I would go out and find a good FTP program that will help speed up things a lot.

Keep track of your Websites Stats

Google Analytics will show how certain pages of your site is doing. Great tool. Mostly all good Web Host will provide you with the ability to access your website logs via download.

Having enough space is important. The amount of space is good by a lot of the time. don’t overbuy. A common marketing trick for most Web Host sites is that they will advertise large package deals such has 20 GB or even more. It’s great to have unless you plan to open a social site or a huge selling site. The thing is most sites only use 1% of what they ordered. If your planning on a simple site, 5 GB would be obviously enough for what you need it for. Average websites use about 50 mb for there site.

Look for a company with lots of Help pates, FAQ pages, 24/7 telephone support, 24-48 hours reply email support or chat. Try to avoid Web Host sites that don’t support any of these.

A few More things to look at before choosing a Web Host

Find out if the Web Host has good transactions with a secure server. Potential customers will be looking for this on your site when purchasing products on your site. Understand what your buying before jumping the gun.

What I use for a Web Host

I have been using Godaddy since 2006. They have great helpful pages, quick email replies. Godaddy is the worlds #1 domain registrar and the largest hostname provider on the web. I had no problems to date with them. And when I was in a pickle it didn’t take long to get help from customer support.