China Outsourcing Venture Capital Market in China Investments


New developments in science and technology are bringing about sweeping changes to the world economy. These changes are ushering in a new economy by fostering innovations in business models, business concepts, products and services. Development of the new economy calls for a constant inflow of capital.

Venture capital financing, a specialized form of financing, has come to fill the void. Venture capital firms invest in equity interests in high-tech start-up companies. Venture capital firms make up for a defect in traditional financing channels, which do not provide sufficient funds for high-risk and long-term investments in new technologies. Venture capital financing has given rise to a dynamic system of modern financial products and services by introducing a series of innovations that include professional investment, participation in management, long term shareholding and optimal risk sharing, and the institution of venture capital financing has become indispensable in modern technological industrialization. In fact, it can be argued that a new financial system based on venture capital financing and a new industrial sector based on high technologies form the two pillars of the new economy.

The Chinese venture capital industry started in the mid-1980s when the government decided that it should develop various high-technology industries. The company has performed well due to its adoption of internationally recognized rules and procedures of venture capital business, the strong local government support, the diversity of its shareholders, an optimal configuration of various resources, an excellent investment team, and a first-class R&D group.

The flow of venture capital financing in China is now determined by market forces and follows international trends. This recent development has reduced the systemic risk in venture investing to a lower level. In addition, the Chinese venture capital community has been actively exploring new venture capital paradigms that reflect China’s needs and also the current international environment. Please visit online in NewYork city.