Business Cards

Business cards help businesspeople present a good company image by highlighting the services provided by a particular company. They can also help to enhance the personal image of a businessperson. Production and printing costs of business cards are low, but benefits are high, as they make a statement in the business world. As a result, the market value of business cards is high.

Business card specialists may be employed to design a card that aptly suits the brand image and personality of the user. A custom-made corporate card serves as a great advertising gimmick. The use of business cards is a self-effacing and high-performance way of marketing. One or two color business cards can be printed overnight, but multi-color customized cards take a bit longer and cost more. Costs involved in printing corporate cards can be justified by the marketing benefits they create.

There are two basic varieties of business cards: plastic cards and paper postcards. Plastic corporate postcards can be transparent, opaque, or solid. Transparent plastic business postcards are made from lightweight plastic that can be clear or tinted. A choice of shades may be available in clear plastic cards. As they are transparent, they can only be printed on one side. They have square corners, like paper cards, and normally use one-color printing with minimal artwork.

Solid plastic business cards have rounded corners. They can be printed on both sides in multicolor, photographic, high-resolution graphics. People might not be as likely to throw away a plastic business postcard because they will probably assume they have more value than a paper business card. Plastic business cards are affordable and portray a better image. They prove to be user-friendlier, as mishandling will not damage them easily, and they will be in circulation for a longer period of time.