Business Cards

Most of us think of business cards as just a written reminder of someone’s contact details. They can become more than this with a little imagination. Think of these cards as being a useful means of advertising your business. They are relatively inexpensive to print and light to carry around with you.

Think about what you can print on the backs of the cards which are normally left blank. This space can be used to advertise your business whatever it is. Think about starting off with a small map of the area where your premises are situated printed on the back of the card. This should be done when you have first launched your business.

After a while progress with special offers that will make the recipient of your card want to come and see for themselves what is going on. Then you can have discounts and free offers with a certain value of purchases. Then progress to printing numbers on the cards. Advertise a lucky draw to take place on a certain date for some prize of your choice. Try anything that you think will attract more potential customers to your store. This is your goal and by distributing your cards to as many people as you can you will reach your goal of getting more good customers.

Have your cards printed in color so that they will attract the eye of passers by when you hand them out. Print your companies’ name and logo clearly on the front with all the contact details in the corner.