Boating Destination

Valentine’s day is almost here! And, guys, what are your plans for this special day? Many people would simply let Valentine’s day pass by without doing something extraordinary for the person they love and it is such a shame. Men are born to be lovers and they should do something to impress or woo the girl who holds their heart. Do not be lazy and pretend that it is just another ordinary Monday cause it’s not February 14 is a day to celebrate LOVE!!! Why not do something not-so-ordinary? Like go boating! Yes, recreational boating is a fantastic way to celebrate valentine’s day with the one person who truly matters most in your life. Here are the two boating destinations you can choose:
1. Sarasota, FL- if you want to get away from all the stress in the city then hit Sarasota, Florida. This is the place where you can lay back, relax and enjoy. You can also visit the Mote Marine Laboratory. For lunch you can hit the Zorias, the Bijou Café or Selva Grill. This is what is great about this place; there’s good food and the view is breathtaking.
2. Tortola, BVI- imagine the brush of air and the view of blue waters right within your reach. The Tortola and the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which is located in the heart of northeast Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands is considered as the “jewel” to all cruisers and water-lovers. The nice thing about this paradise is that the waters are not too rough that even those who are inexperienced can drive a boat in the gentle waters.
Group date on valentine’s day is also a big hit not only because it is more joyous to spend a special day with your loved one but it is also merrier to be with the presence of your family and friends. If you’ve decided to spend the valentine’s day with other people. Make sure that they know the basic safety rules when on board the boat to ensure that you will have a safe boating trip. One essential thing to bring when boating is a pair of good non-skid deck shoes, this is to prevent slipping on the boat while on board. And, for safety purposes make sure that each person on board has his own vest or life jacket. Do not travel without these essentials, it can save lives and can ensure that you will have a safe travel experience.