Best Currency Traders

If you want to become a successful currency trader, you want to learn from the best and enclosed are two systems which have made hundreds of millions of dollars in real time trading and even better, there absolutely free- lets take a look at them.
Many traders waste their money by cheap Forex robots which produce huge gains with low drawdown and expect them to make them rich and they all lose money. All they can produce are simulations on paper or track records with no outside check. Instead of wasting your time with these systems check these ones out, there free and work
The 4 Week Rule by Richard Donchian
This legendary trader is seen as the grandfather of modern trend following and his free system the 4 Week Rule is simple but catches EVERY big trend; it only has one rule and the logic is easy to understand so look it up and you will be surprised at how much money it makes and how easy it is to apply.
The Turtle Trading Rules By Richard Dennis
Dennis was a fan of the 4 Week Rule and his system is also a long term trend following system, based on breakouts a timeless way to make money. The system was originally given to a group of new traders to prove anyone could make money with the right system and the novice traders, who used the rules, piled up $200 million dollars in just 4 years. This system is worth looking at for the money management rules alone; most traders neglect this key area but sound money management, is the foundation EVERY successful system is built on.
Learn from the Best
The best currency traders, prove themselves by making money and their systems have done just that. The above two systems are by true are legends and they are free all of us all to use enjoy and if you incorporate them in your currency trading strategy, you could be making big