Best Cheap Laptop – How to Buy a Laptop For Cheap and Get Everything You Want

When searching for the best cheap laptop, you want to make sure you are getting enough value for the money you are spending. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of shortchanging their hardware in the wrong areas. There are three critical hardware areas that must be addressed when looking to purchase a laptop. Discover what these three areas are and what sort of specifications you should look for.

In order to get the most from the best cheap laptop, you need to get a good processor. A Core 2 Duo processor is a pretty good base option to start with, especially if you are looking to save some money. They can be a little more expensive and depending on what you are looking to use the laptop for, you might be able to go with a lesser processor and save some money. Celeron and AMD are two of the lower end processors that are fine for people the want to surf the web, send emails, and use less intensive functions like word processing.

Memory for a best cheap laptop should start at two gigabytes, especially if the computer is running Vista. Two gigabytes is enough to run Vista without issue while also having enough memory to handle other application as well. Again, if you are going to be using more intensive programs or the latest games, then you’ll want to consider spending a little extra and getting additional RAM. This will make your budget notebook’s life longer and increase what applications it can handle at one time.

Often times when looking for the best cheap laptop, shopper think that bigger it better when it comes to hard drive size. If your needs warrant having a gigantic hard drive, then by all means purchase one, but if you’re only going to be storing word documents and some pictures, then a standard sized hard drive should be more than adequate. If you feel that at some point you might need the extra space, then get the larger hard drive at the start instead of paying to upgrade later one.

For the most part, processor speed, RAM, and hard drive space are the three main hardware areas to keep in mind when searching for the best cheap laptop. Video cards can be nice additions, but are dependent upon the intended use of the notebook. Even the standard graphics card is powerful enough to handle most of the applications the laptop will run. Wireless connectivity is also standard these days so it should not be too much of an additional cost to have wireless card in the laptop.