BBCS Receives FDA Clearance for New BloodTrack Interface Application

Auburn, WA (PRWEB) July 02, 2012

Blood Bank Computer Systems, Inc. (BBCS) announced today that they received FDA 510(k) clearance for their new BBCS BloodTrack Interface Application. The interface was built by BBCS in collaboration with one of its largest clients, Puget Sound Blood Center (PSBC), to support an innovative Remote Allocation program they have now implemented in eight regional hospitals.

The new BBCS BloodTrack Interface Application closes the loop in automating the Remote Allocation process for blood centers that use BBCS Primary Application software. Remote Allocation reduces the wait time for hospitals to access blood for transfusion through a sophisticated series of technology systems connecting the BBCS interface to a dispensing refrigerator at the hospital. With blood components stored and available within the hospital, the wait time for patients in critical need of transfusion can often be reduced from several hours to mere minutes, especially for communities more distant from Seattle. The system significantly reduces the risk of human error in the hospital ordering process, the identification of cross-matched units on-site, and the delivery of the most suitable blood components to the right patient.

“With the Remote Allocation, we are fundamentally changing the way we deliver blood to our hospital partners for transfusion, giving them immediate access to blood components needed for patient care, as well as storing units for emergency use” said Dr. James P. AuBuchon, President and CEO of PSBC. At the hospital, [the refrigerator] is stocked with an inventory of red blood cells so that when a patient requires a transfusion their blood can be electronically cross-matched with blood components already available in the hospital.

PSBC provided beta testing for the BloodTrack Interface Application and will begin the implementation of the newly available interface now that the product has received FDA clearance.

It has been great partnering with Puget Sound Blood Center to build a software solution that will increase hospital efficiency for blood allocation. The benefits of this project will directly impact our shared community which is home to both our friends and families. It is wonderful to have clients who lead the industry through innovation, said Beth Simon, President and CEO of BBCS.

Other Blood Centers currently providing crossmatching services for their client hospitals can benefit from Remote Allocation and the BloodTrack Interface Application. Due to the numerous steps in the blood ordering process where human error can occur, a computerized interface reduces this risk and improves patient safety. Over time, blood utilization will also improve as discard rates decline because blood can be kept closer to the point of use. This enables more effective management of blood supply inventories, and a strengthened partnership between blood centers and their hospital customers.

With FDA clearance now secured, all hospitals in PSBCs Remote Allocation program can eventually take advantage of seamless automation through the BBCS BloodTrack Interface Application. BBCS anticipates many more clients to implement Remote Allocation in the upcoming years.

For more information about purchasing the BBCS BloodTrack Interface Application, contact Matt Luker at (253)333-0046 or mluker(at)bbcsinc(dot)com.

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