Attack of the Web Hosting Geeks

Internet nowadays has clearly become the fastest way to get any kind of information. Events happen in different continent can be uploaded in just a few second then the rest of the world can access that particular event any time any where. This is the era of information technology.

Then every home now has an internet connection, this quite different from 2 years a go especially in Indonesia. Before the internet monthly fees have affordable like now, people would usually go to internet café to get access. And now the attitude of the people has been shifted thanks to the free hotspot areas that can be easily found in public spaces. Everywhere we go, we can see many people have notebooks on their lap, to do some works, typing, facebook-ing, or else. This is can be a valuable business if we can sharply see the chance. Internet-related business such as web hosting provider can also be a promising field. To learn about types of web hosting server, you can start with accessing which stated each difference of servers in clear and simple language. There are 3 types of web hosting server that commonly used, they are: dedicated server, vps server, and shared server. Each of them comes with its own unique good and bad. Shared hosting server is probably the simplest hosting that is designed for personal use, but it can also be use for business. While dedicated server means that the server is use for your private use without any sharing space to others. There is also the vps hosting or hybrid which stands for virtual private server. It is the new generation of web hosting that allows us to simulate partition server.

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